Annual report 2016

1. The Foundation

Fondation Sainte-Irmine (“The Foundation”) was established on November 9, 2012 for an unlimited duration. Its purpose is to enhance the pastoral development of the Catholic Church in Luxembourg, in particular by granting financial and general support to projects, and providing moral or material assistance to institutions, associations, organizations, and persons having similar goals and objectives. The Foundation may work both at the domestic and international levels with other organizations having similar goals.

“For the Catholic Church in Luxembourg it is a question of continuing to provide the pastoral service which are incumbent to her thanks to the donations made to the Foundation. Given today’s background the Foundation plays a crucial role. We are in a period of transition, which the Catholics in Luxembourg are beginning to get used to. For the Church to be alive and fulfill her mission, she needs to be sustained.”

Christian Descoups
Secretary General

A Foundation of the Catholic Church in Luxembourg to support innovative projects.

Msgr. Jean-Claude Hollerich, Archbishop pf Luxembourg, initiated the creation of the Foundation and chairs the board of directors. The name of the Foundation comes from Irmina who, back in 697, resolved to give land which she owned in Echternach, Luxembourg, to Saint Willibrord, who then erected a monastery there. The purpose of “Fondation Sainte Irmine” is to serve as a link between benefactors and donors, on the one hand, and initiators and developers of projects, on the other.

The Foundation still has a short track record and counts on the commitment and the participation of all to carry out its projects. Whether it is by spending time, volunteering for fund-raising activities or providing direct financial contributions in the form of gifts or legacies, every step is important to ensure the future of the Church and energize her in the difficult times she is going through. The archbishop entrusted the vicar general with the direction of the Foundation whose main purpose is the promotion of innovative and concrete pastoral projects.

  • 388,677 € were fundraised in 2016 (up 15.5% over 2015).
  • 257 young and accompanying people took part in the WYD in Poland, from which 25 Karens from Thailand, fundraised by the Foundation.
  • 153,336.14 € were assigned to 10 various projects.
  • 2,200 sponsors have already fundraised projects through the Foundation.

2. Activities and projects

In 2016, the Foundation raised a total of € 388,677, up 15.53% over the amount collected in 2015.

In 2016, the Foundation supported the following projects:

  • July 10- August 2, 2016 : participation of a the Luxembourg Archdiocese group in the World Youth Days (WYD) in Cracow.

This initiative was followed by the travel of a group of 273 young people and accompanying people from Luxembourg to the World Youth Days in Brazil (2013) and 140 young people in Thailand (2014) and a pilgrimage around Assisi (2015).

As participant from the Diocese of Luxembourg in the WYD in Poland, Monsignor Jean-Claude Hollerich invited 25 Karens from Thailand. The contact was thus remade with the young people met in 2014 during the trip to Thailand. These young Thais were welcomed by families in Luxembourg before leaving for Poland. In addition, the French singer Grégory Turpin supervised the catechesis of the Luxembourg group in dialogue with our Archbishop.
The young people of Luxembourg were able to recall their trip to Thailand, thanks to the welcome of this group of 25 young Thai people in Luxembourg. They were able to discover the challenges of a pilgrimage with more than 2 million young people, to spend two weeks full of various experiences which have fortified them in their human development and in their growth in faith and were able to live a strong moment of the church.

A community of contemplative nuns of the Institute of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará settled in the former Carmel monastery under the patronage of St. Hildegard of Bingen with the special intention of praying for the sanctification, intentions and mission of all the bishops. Everyone can join the prayers of the nuns and the ceremonies and services celebrated in the monastery.

Secondly, the Spiritual Center of the Cents works with and for families, the fundamental cells of society. At the cultural level, the family is a crucial point of inflection because it is within it that people are born, do grow and are trained for life.

This accompaniment of families, young people, children and adults in their spiritual journey is entrusted to an apostolic community of nuns of the institute of Servants of the Lord and of the Virgin of Matará. This community occupies and uses part of the buildings of the former Carmel convent to conduct formation activities (catechesis, preparation for the sacraments, family days, cultural events, etc.):

  • The “Fund for the Future of the Archdiocese of Luxembourg”.

This fund will provide the Archdiocese of Luxembourg with the financial resources necessary to provide for the pastoral service throughout the territory of the archdiocese. The funds raised will be used only to cover the salaries of the clergy and lay persons on ecclesial mission incurred after the implementation of the 26 January 2015 agreement between the State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Catholic Church of Luxembourg.

To manage the “Fund for the Future” the board of the Foundation is assisted by an advisory committee whose responsibilities are as follows:

- The mission of the accompanying committee is to formulate proposals for the communication of and on the Fund for the Future and to propose to the Board of Directors a policy of investment of the assets of the Fund for the Future: the committee guarantees the use of the resources for the purposes of the Fund for the Future;
- The accompanying committee has the following composition: a representative of the active priests, a representative of the retired priests, a representative of the permanent deacons, a representative of the people on ecclesial mission and two representatives of the civil society.

  • Various projects launched at the initiative of Missio Luxembourg and whose purpose corresponds to the scope of activities of the Foundation, namely the sponsorship of four seminars in India, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda as well as the extension of a Catholic primary school in Benin.

The sponsorship of the seminars is an initiative of the work of St Peter the Apostle (called in Luxembourg “Prêtres pour le Tiers-Monde” (Priests for the Third World)), which has supported the training of priests in emerging countries for more than 125 years.

  • Walk with us – Marian Octave in Luxembourg.

In 2016 the city of Luxembourg celebrated the 350th anniversary of the Consoler of the Afflicted as Patroness of the City and the Octave enjoyed great success. Once again, the pilgrimage to Mary confirmed that the devotion to the Consoler of the Afflicted, which is expressed in many facets, remains firmly anchored in the hearts and in the lives of Luxembourgers and in the life of all those who share this attachment to Mary to the confines of the Great Region.

To keep in mind the richness of these events and the importance of the Marian tradition in Luxembourg, the diocesan commission of the Octave, in collaboration with the Notre-Dame church factory, asked two young French artists to do a fifty-minute documentary. This film aims to go back to the roots of the Marian veneration in order to trace the history of the Octave. However, it is not only a question of keeping a record of the events but it is also a question of making them fruitful in order to transmit a precious tradition and to give a reliable anchor to a movement of popular religiosity which is looking to the future and is open to welcome everyone. A screening of the film “Walk with us – Marian Octave in Luxembourg” (Marche avec nous - Octave mariale à Luxembourg) will take place on the eve of the Octave 2017. The sale of the DVD of the documentary will be launched at the same time.

3. Public relations/communication

More information is available on It also has dedicated web pages on the Archdiocese’s website, managed with the help of the Communications & Media Team of the Archdiocese and describing the projects supported by the Foundation.

The Foundation has also set up a secure on-line donation facilty, enabling donors to make online gifts to the projects: online donation.

At year end, the Foundation approximately had 2,200 donors, up 46.67% compared to 2015. In order to improve relations with current and potential donors, the Foundation will implement an IT application to ensure more efficient administrative processing in 2017, knowing that the Foundation strives to communicate with the public mainly through digital media.

4. Facts and figures 2016

Funds raised in 2016 (in €): 388,676.88

Fund for the Future: 98,870.02
Reech eng Hand: 58,651.19
Missio – Priests for the Third World: 36,395.00
WYD Krakow 2016: 30,797.51
Radiosmass: 17,085.00
Missio – Missionary Childhood/Benin: 16,057.00
Spiritual Center of the Cents/former Carmel: 12,300.00
Movie Consolatrix: 11.710.00
Thailand 2017: 5,000.00
Religious Heritage: 3,625.00
Assisi 2015: 2,300,00
Pilgrimage solidarity fund: 1,735.00
Missio – Missionary Childhood/Ivory Coast: 1,050.00
Training of Seminarians: 325.00
Center for Child Protection: 300.00
Program of training courses for Biblical Pastoral Work: 250.00
Free donations: 92,226.16

Amounts allocated to the 2016 projects (in €): 156,336.14

Reech eng Hand: 42,029.19
Missio – Priests for the Third World: 41,140.12
YWD Krakow 2016: 23,847.51
Spiritual Center of the Cents/former Carmel: 16,150.00
Missio – Missionary Childhood/Benin: 15,850.57
Movie Consolatrix: 11,710.00
Thailand 2017: 2,300.00
Pilgrimage solidarity fund: 1,735.00
Missio – Missionary Childhood/Ivory Coast: 1,023.75
Center for Child Protection: 550.00

Net income for the financial year 2016 (in €): 74,000.00

Fund for the Future: 35,000.00
Thailand 2017: 15,000.00
Spiritual Center of the Cents/former Carmel: 15,000.00
Radiosmass: 9,000.00

The dedicated donations received on projects in 2016 and not yet spent at the end of the year are, through the registration of funds in other operational costs, recorded as liabilities under the heading “funds available for future projects” and recognized as specific projects to be carried out.

The Foundation’s Board would like to thank all the donors for their generosity and loyalty.

Rapport annuel 2016 (PDF)
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