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The Steinsel parish in the 8th Century
The Steinsel and Walferdange parishes today

The Steinsel parish, a vast territory

Steinsel is among the oldest places in the country of Luxembourg and the parish was among the first in the surroundings of the later capital. The Steinsel parish is already named in a donation act of Charles Martell to the St. Maximine Abbey in Trier. In the 7th Century, the Steinsel parish shared the future Luxembourg area together with Hollerich, Sandweiler and Schuttrange (the City of Luxembourg did not yet exist at that time). The following villages were part of the Steinsel parish: Müllendorf, Dommeldange, Bofferdange, Helmdange, Bereldange, Walferdange, Helmsange, Lorentzweiler, Blaschette, Eisenborn, Bridel, Kopstal, Rodenhof, Asselscheuerhof, Eich, Mühlenbach and Rollingergrund.

Lorentzweiler became an autonomous parish in the 9th Century. Later, Dommeldange, Eich, Mühlenbach and Rollingergrund joined Weimerskirch.

In 1803, Blaschette, Eisenborn, Kopstal, Bridel, Rodenhof and Kahlscheierhof were separated from Steinsel. Helmdange and Bofferdange were integrated into the Lorentzweiler parish.

Priests are active in the local communities

Local priests in the single villages played an important part in local life. They later developed into chaplains with increasing influence. Their first duty was reading the morning mass - at that time priests were allowed to celebrate only one mass a day. They also taught the catechism. During winter, they had to take over the role of teachers. Regular church services in the single villages started as late as the 18th Century. Besides the Sunday mass, masses with specified intentions, and especially commemorations of the deceased, were celebrated during the week. After the restucturing of 1803 (under Napoleon), four chaplains were active in the Steinsel parish: one in Steinsel, Walferdingen, Heisdorf and Hünsdorf.

Walferdange is raised to an autonomous parish

Throug a decree of the King Grand Duke Willam II dated November 3, 1843, and an ordinance of the Bishop Jean-Théodore Laurent dated November 21, 1843, the villages of Walferdange, Bereldange and Helmsange were separated from the Steinsel parish and raised to an autonomous entity, the Walferdange parish. The construction of the Walferdange parish church started in 1845.

Hünsdorf joins Lorentzweiler

In December 1994, an ordinance of Archbishop Fernand Franck integrated the village of Hünsdorf into the Lorentzweiler parish.

Steinsel and Walferdange come together again

Through an ordinance of Archbishop Fernand Franck dated October 1, 2002, the parishes of Steinsel and Walferdange were re-united in a parish community. This initiative is part of a general redeployment of Church resources in the context of an increasing lack of priests.

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