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Trinity Church in Walferdange

The former St.George’s chapel (rue Josy Welter) was the first sanctuary at Walferdange. We do not know when it was built. It is first documented in 1570. A written source from 1685 indicates that it had meanwhile been consecrated to the Holy Trinity. As of 1713, a priest served at Walferdange. The chapel was thoroughly renovated in 1750. A report describes the chapel as necessary, because Walferdange is situated at 3/4 of an hour’s walk from the Steinsel parish church and the road was hardly practicable due to the frequent floods of the Alzette River. The chapel’s gable is still visible today in the eastern wall of the “Centre Princesse Amélie” (former school).

The funds for the construction of the parish church were collected immediately after the creation of the Walferdange parish in 1843.

Construction work started in 1845 and lasted until 1848. The drawings are signed by the “architecte provincial” Eberhard. The neoclassical style building was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. St. George is secondary patron. The church was consecrated on July 3, 1867, by the apostolic vicar Nicolas Adames.

The church was last renovated in 2011. The wall paintings by Gerhard Lamers, which date back to 1903, and had been overpainted during the liturgical reform in 1968, were uncovered and restored.

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