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A training for volunteers

to acquire basic knowledge and exchange experiences

As part of the project “Reech eng Hand –”Reaching Out to Refugees", the Centre Jean XXIII – Adult Education – has set up a training / meeting programme for volunteers who want to join in welcoming and supporting refugees in the parishes.


contact persons for the project “Reech eng Hand” in pastoral communities, volunteers responsible for pastoral communities, permanent deacons, clergy, pastoral assistants working in the territorial pastoral, and interested volunteers in general.

Training Content

This training/meeting programme hosted by specialists – Service de la Pastorale, CEFIS asbl, Caritas, CVX… – will aim to provide basic knowledge on:

  • the socio-political context in crisis regions (Middle East, East Africa, Balkans),
  • issues of rights and status at the international and national level,
  • the socio-psychological reality of volunteer work with refugees (other cultures and religions, trauma experienced by refugees, relationship between helping and helped persons...),
  • the construction of a project in the parish with an exchange of best practices as well as a presentation of institutions and associations active in the field.

The training will include presentations and will emphasis on the exchange of experiences and questions from participants.

In practice

- Participation in the whole cycle is highly recommended.
- Groups are limited to 8 to 15 participants. Other dates for training/meeting programmes may be arranged for.
- The trainings are free, participants will only have to pay for the lunch.

Contact: Paul Estgen, Centre Jean XXIII, Tel.: 43 60 51-314, Email: paul.estgen

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