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If you are a Catholic residing or working in Luxembourg or its surrounding areas and in the legal profession, and wish to give back to the Catholic community, you have found the right place.

Please join in and get involved!

What is the St. Yves all about?

The St. Yves Society or “Conférence Saint-Yves” is an independent organization based in Luxembourg city and sponsored by lawyers who are members of the Roman Catholic Church.

The aim of the Saint Yves is to offer opportunities for Catholic lawyers to discuss, to socialize, and to strengthen their faith. Among the activities of the St. Yves Society you find its journal Feuille de liaison de la Conférence Saint-Yves, conferences and meetings, and opportunities for the spiritual life, e.g., the mass organized at the beginning of the judicial year and on the Saint Yves’s day.

The St. Yves is 100 years old!

The Conférence Saint-Yves was formed in Luxembourg by Catholic lawyers in 1916 seeking to join with Catholic friends to face common challenges to their faith in the practice of law.

Since 1916, the Conférence St. Yves has taken its place within the Luxembourg legal community, both on academic grounds and as an active member of the bar. With more than 100 members today, the legacy of Saint Yves is still well-reckoned within the legal arena.

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