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All publications are available by:
Willibrordus-Bauverein, B.P. 65, L-6401 Echternach
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supplement to the “Luxemburger Wort”, published for Whitsun and the beginning of November. It also comes out as a seperate print, and can be ordered at the above address. The four-page supplement (in German) contains articles about Willibrordian spirituality, and information about the veneration of St Willibrord at home and abroad.

Guide of the Basilica:

illustrated description of the Basilica of St Willibrord, the former parish church of SS Peter and Paul, as well as St Mary’s Chapel and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. There are editions in German, French, and Dutch (32 pages, PEDA Fine ART Publishers). The text is by Alex Langini.


with short information about St Willibrord, the Basilica and the Dancing Procession in German, French, and English. 16 pages.

“Mit Willibrord zu Christus”

Booklet for the pilgrims including a biography of St. Willibrord, prayers and songs in German or Luxemburgish language. 64 pages.

“Codex Aureus Epternacencis, Bilder erschließen die Bibel”,

including reprintings of the pictures of the cover, Majestas Domini, the four evangelists and the 4 cycles of pictures.
Commentaries by Denise Collard-Lommel. 96 pages.
Price: 14,80 EURO.


“In honorem Sancti Willibrordi”:
organ-playing, St Willibrord hymns, Litany, and the tune of the Dancing Procession, about 30 minutes, edited by Willibrordus-Bauverein, VA _ Productions, Leudelange, Luxembourg. (Hymns and Litany in German.)

Track list:
1. Prélude epternacien
2. Es schritt vor alters Zeiten
3. Willibrordus-Litanei
4. Schau, heiliger Apostel, o Willibrordi
Price: 12,00 Euro

“Officium Sancti Willibrordi”:
Gregorian chant with hymns from the office at the feast of St Willibrord from the year 900, written for the Abbey of Echternach, with extracts from Alcuin’s biography, sung by members of the “Schola Willibrordiana”, the “Choeur grégorien de Paris”, and the choir “Vox clamantis” of Tallin, about 60 minutes, edited by S. E. L. Classics and Willibrordus-Bauverein, produced by K617.

Track list:
1. In primis vesperis
2. Ad matutinum
3. In primo nocturno
4. In secundo nocturno
5. In tertio nocturno
6. Ad laudes
7. In secundis cesperis

(Choeur Grégorien de Paris
Choeur Vox Clamantis de Tallin, Estonie
Schola Willibrordiana d’Echternach
Chef de choeur: Jaan-Eik Tulve)
price: 12,00 Euro


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